Dublin Cocker Spaniel Society – IKC Breed Championship Show 06-October-2012

Timmy – Acarreagh Lone Ranger fancies a bit of Stew Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!

Fantastic day but an exhausting one, M, the DCSS President had spent the previous two days baking and that morning whipping cream for the pavlovas. P won’t want to look at a stew for a few weeks after spending 3 nights adding his contribution to the Kitchen.

Lovely day and lovely crowd, thanks to all that attended and supported. I could name names, but they are mentioned elsewhere more appropriate.

P took nearly 1400 pics, nearly fell over himself once in the ring, but still managed not to be on the wrong end of a lens.

Trixie, got a third in Open, Gaz was left wanting, but that’s life.

William is still chuffed, he got a drawing of himself and Trixie from the son of one of our fellow Cocker scene exhibitors. More on this in a later post.

The pics of the show as always are on http://www.cscoi.ie/community12.html

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The Ulster Cocker Spaniel Club – UK KC CH Show 30-September-2012

DCSS & CSCOI Presidents deep in discussion

M & P visited Ulster Cocker on Sunday, but it was a tough ask given recent work considerations and we arrived 20 minutes late for the show.

We did enjoy our visit, however we did miss some of regular show scene who could not make it.  The welcome of course was as warm as ever, even if we were late lol.

From P’s point of view the wealth of new Cockers is part of his continued education, but a lot of his thoughts revolved around needing to get the shots and “Oh feck” I need to wake up.

The author also needed to get a handle on UK classifications, I know I should know them, but they were before my official time and while not too bad here compared to Derbyshire, one feels it a little strange the same dog can be in some many classes and just not take a single judgement. That’s my two cent.

CSCOI updates were postponed until Monday as we were only fit for dinner, bed and dreamtime.

Looking forward to next years trip.

Oh BTW, there is cement dust all over the back of the Audi, who does M sue?

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IKC International Dog Show 22-September-2012

Baysway Fade To Grey -Judge Mrs. N. Davidovic, Gazza and Bill.

Trixie in flight, Sadly not a result for her today.

Up until the evening before, we has misread the schedule (single) for this weeks two shows, so it was a nasty surprise to discover we were on at 08:30 instead of 14:00 like we thought. M. was on Call this weekend and of course had to work, so the author was dropped off at 07:45 in a support role and hoped to be able to snag a few pics for the Club website.

From the authors view, it was a mixed, if not a total result, walkies resulting in one no result, one poo and one piddle. You see my dilemma. The usual “everything must be sniffed” and “Trip up the walker” were observed with a dedication that does the Cocker breed proud.

Anyways, judging commenced and continued at a furious pace and we found ourselves finished at 09:30. We enjoyed the luxury of having an extra day out of nowhere and little to do with it.

Much, Much later a knackered M. returned to the nest.  Good job we’d messed up entries for today’s show, so we all got a sleep in.

Result: Baysway Fade To Grey, 1st. in Junior Dog.

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Test post, will be deleted

Trixie - Baysway Poetry In Motion

Baysway Poetry In Motion – Reserve Best in show and Green Star Bitch at the Black, Red or Golden Cocker Spaniel Club Champion Show.

Trixie, we all know a sweet little Cocker bitch and proper type, but she has her quirks, exhibited by Bill, gotten her 6th Green Star from Judge Bobby Kelly in Thurles.

A very proud mummy Maria took over for the proper pics, you can see her thinking “finally” in her eyes.

We only need just the one …. just joking, this is a test post after all, we are waiting on Trixies next Green Star, the girls a star and we believe in her.

She is the business, just she can put Lady Gaga to shame for attention seeking.

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Dearest Visitor,

Please excuse the current appearance of our site, but it’s in upgrade mode for a new more interactive experience for the next couple of days until we get our bearings on the new format.

We will be up and running  shortly and our intention is to backdate this new format back to inception, including archive material from the original website,to include the data from two revisions that never made it online due to a very active Baysway and show scene (don’t ask – unhappy webadmin).

Our intended aim is to maintain and enhance the focus on our kennel, our show dogs, our exports and puppies and their pet lives.

In short, Baysway will be shortly back online in force.

In explanation, the workload of our webmaster and the commitment we hold to the www.cscoi.ie website has meant that we had little left effort wise to maintain and update the Baysway site.

At the end of a show day where we are up at 6 am, when we return home at 6 pm, we are of course a little tired, while other exhibitors head for bed, in this house a new deadline beckons – that we get the days results in and online before midnight.

However it’s really not been an issue for us personally, in so far as the results have already been posted on line via the Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland website. We however feel guilty for those that care to follow us, and in this new version of the site, we hope to address with this new format. Responsibility transfers to Maria to update the day’s results. Paul is still Photo/editor and we hope to get Bill himself to contribute a few morsels.

Day to day commentary that we have lapsed on over the last two years, should resume.

Anyway bear with us on this transition.

Thanks and love;

Team Baysway.

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