Dearest Visitor,

Please excuse the current appearance of our site, but it’s in upgrade mode for a new more interactive experience for the next couple of days until we get our bearings on the new format.

We will be up and running  shortly and our intention is to backdate this new format back to inception, including archive material from the original website,to include the data from two revisions that never made it online due to a very active Baysway and show scene (don’t ask – unhappy webadmin).

Our intended aim is to maintain and enhance the focus on our kennel, our show dogs, our exports and puppies and their pet lives.

In short, Baysway will be shortly back online in force.

In explanation, the workload of our webmaster and the commitment we hold to the website has meant that we had little left effort wise to maintain and update the Baysway site.

At the end of a show day where we are up at 6 am, when we return home at 6 pm, we are of course a little tired, while other exhibitors head for bed, in this house a new deadline beckons – that we get the days results in and online before midnight.

However it’s really not been an issue for us personally, in so far as the results have already been posted on line via the Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland website. We however feel guilty for those that care to follow us, and in this new version of the site, we hope to address with this new format. Responsibility transfers to Maria to update the day’s results. Paul is still Photo/editor and we hope to get Bill himself to contribute a few morsels.

Day to day commentary that we have lapsed on over the last two years, should resume.

Anyway bear with us on this transition.

Thanks and love;

Team Baysway.

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