The Ulster Cocker Spaniel Club – UK KC CH Show 30-September-2012

DCSS & CSCOI Presidents deep in discussion

M & P visited Ulster Cocker on Sunday, but it was a tough ask given recent work considerations and we arrived 20 minutes late for the show.

We did enjoy our visit, however we did miss some of regular show scene who could not make it.  The welcome of course was as warm as ever, even if we were late lol.

From P’s point of view the wealth of new Cockers is part of his continued education, but a lot of his thoughts revolved around needing to get the shots and “Oh feck” I need to wake up.

The author also needed to get a handle on UK classifications, I know I should know them, but they were before my official time and while not too bad here compared to Derbyshire, one feels it a little strange the same dog can be in some many classes and just not take a single judgement. That’s my two cent.

CSCOI updates were postponed until Monday as we were only fit for dinner, bed and dreamtime.

Looking forward to next years trip.

Oh BTW, there is cement dust all over the back of the Audi, who does M sue?

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