Dublin Cocker Spaniel Society – IKC Breed Championship Show 06-October-2012

Timmy – Acarreagh Lone Ranger fancies a bit of Stew Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!

Fantastic day but an exhausting one, M, the DCSS President had spent the previous two days baking and that morning whipping cream for the pavlovas. P won’t want to look at a stew for a few weeks after spending 3 nights adding his contribution to the Kitchen.

Lovely day and lovely crowd, thanks to all that attended and supported. I could name names, but they are mentioned elsewhere more appropriate.

P took nearly 1400 pics, nearly fell over himself once in the ring, but still managed not to be on the wrong end of a lens.

Trixie, got a third in Open, Gaz was left wanting, but that’s life.

William is still chuffed, he got a drawing of himself and Trixie from the son of one of our fellow Cocker scene exhibitors. More on this in a later post.

The pics of the show as always are on http://www.cscoi.ie/community12.html

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