IKC International Dog Show 22-September-2012

Baysway Fade To Grey -Judge Mrs. N. Davidovic, Gazza and Bill.

Trixie in flight, Sadly not a result for her today.

Up until the evening before, we has misread the schedule (single) for this weeks two shows, so it was a nasty surprise to discover we were on at 08:30 instead of 14:00 like we thought. M. was on Call this weekend and of course had to work, so the author was dropped off at 07:45 in a support role and hoped to be able to snag a few pics for the Club website.

From the authors view, it was a mixed, if not a total result, walkies resulting in one no result, one poo and one piddle. You see my dilemma. The usual “everything must be sniffed” and “Trip up the walker” were observed with a dedication that does the Cocker breed proud.

Anyways, judging commenced and continued at a furious pace and we found ourselves finished at 09:30. We enjoyed the luxury of having an extra day out of nowhere and little to do with it.

Much, Much later a knackered M. returned to the nest. ¬†Good job we’d messed up entries for today’s show, so we all got a sleep in.

Result: Baysway Fade To Grey, 1st. in Junior Dog.

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